Terry & Jane Milford

The Milfords are the proud owners of Nu-Rest Bedding. High school sweethearts at Brookfield High School in Brookfield, Missouri, Jane and Terry have been married for over 34 years. They raised three incredible kids (in their completely unbiased opinion) Elizabeth, John and Marie, all of whom are college graduates, now living, working and paying taxes on their own. Jane and Terry are very proud of their two darling grand daughters as well. In 1996 Terry & Jane purchased Milford's Service Station and have worked side by side for Twenty years. Terry, the auto mechanic, and Jane, the clerk of the convenient store, ran a true modern day mom and pop operation. When they heard of Carl Thomas’ death,  they were devastated along with the rest of the Laclede community. We knew that Nu-Rest Bedding was a thriving local business and they couldn't bear to see the doors close. So after many late night discussions and a few signs from God, they purchased Nu-Rest Bedding. Now the story of this small town success story and American made product continues….

the team